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IT Streamlined is a consultancy focusing on helping our select customers organize and modernize the holistic management of IT services. IT Streamlined focuses on the fusion of IT Service Management, IT Asset Management and IT Financial Management disciplines. We do this with the goal of creating proactive, cost-conscious management controls that streamline service delivery and help management create more value.

The simple truth is that Corporate America is increasingly accessing cloud services for on-demand computing capability. Corporations are increasingly turning to a different IT delivery model, one which comes from the cloud. SaaS services, like, are being built by HP, IBM and others to provide just about every application you will need.

You decide whether it is prudent to ensure that your IT organization is readying itself for the changes that are coming to manage your vendors in the virtual operating environment.
Imagine how much greater value you can create for your organization by coordinating the integration of externally acquired services with your internally created services.

Let’s get to work together developing the proactive management controls necessary to manage your IT organization’s value to the rest of the business in this new, service-oriented, hybrid computing environment.
Contact ITStreamlined right now to arrange for a free, one-hour consultation on the risks of this new environment and what you should be doing, right now, to prepare.

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” – Karen Lamb
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